Retro Candy Junk Food Gift Basket

Retro Candy Junk Food Gift Basket
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Product Description

Retro candy gift basket in a junk food box. The perfect candy gift basket for all ages. It is filled with 30 pieces of Retro candy. You get a variety of the favorite candy from days gone by in a cute box that says Junk Food on it.

Included in this gift box is :

Sugar Daddy Sucker

Sugar Babies

Indian Brand Pumpkin Seeds

5 pack of Nik L Nips ( wax bottles )

Marshmallow Cone

Red Hots

4 Smarties


Sweet and Sour Pop

Rain Blo Bubble Gum

Candy Buttons

2 Black Cow Chews

2 Razzles

2 Zotz

2 Bit O Honey Chews

2 Satellite Wafers

A Box Of Jaw Busters

Cinnamon Tooth Picks

If you are looking for a birthday gift, thinking of you, get well gift or just because. Buy a retro candy basket in a junk food box, it will sure to satisfy a sweet tooth craving.

Please note if we run out of a candy for the gift basket we will substitute with another candy instead of holding up your order.

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