Wonka Candy Basket

Wonka Candy Basket
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Product Description

Our wonka candy basket is filled full of all your favorite willy wonka candy. The perfect gift basket for the wonka candy lover!

Whether it is to say get well, happy birthday, thinking about you, hi or just to eat. This is one of our most popular baskets and is great fun for anyone who has seen the Willy Wonka movie.

This wonka basket includes: everlasting gobstopper jawbreaker, a bar of laffy taffy stretchy and tangy taffy, a roll of bottle caps soda pop candy and sweet tarts. You also get nerds, pixy sticks, lik m aid fun dip and laffy taffy.

If you are planning a movie night with your family this basket full of goodies is perfect to eat while watching the movie. You will feel just like you are in Willy's wonka's candy factory as you eat all of these sweets. Please note if we run out of a candy for the gift basket we will substitute with another candy instead of holding up your order.

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