Mallowcream Pumpkins

Mallowcream Pumpkins
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Mallowcreme Pumpkins Halloween Candy. Butter Cream Pumpkins also known as Mellowcream pumpkins by Eillien's. Creamy candy shaped pumpkins which taste similar to candy corn. The candy pumpkin is considered a mellow creme by confectioners since the candy has virtually no oils or fats in it but has a marshmallow flavor. These are not only perfect for Halloween, but also look great sitting on your Thanksgiving table.

Each Bag of pumpkins has approx 125 pieces per 18 oz bag

These little pumpkins are one of my favorite Halloween Candies. I can remember when I was a little girl, I went with my dad to J C Penny's , when we were done getting a new tire put on the car he said I could pick something from the candy counter.

After walking around the entire counter peering through the glass as always I picked the candy pumpkins. I was so happy leaving with my white paper bag of treasures !

We then decided to go visit grandma and grandpa, what a great day this this was turning into. My favorite candy and a visit with my grand parents.

As usual grandma was in the kitchen baking and grandpa in his chair watching TV. I took a couple of pumpkins out of the bag, laid the bag on the table and went into the living room to say hi to grandpa.

I entered the living room just getting ready to pop another candy pumpkin in my mouth. My grandpa jumped out of his chair ran over to me and took my pumpkins away and said I could not eat them.

I ran into the kitchen in tears with grandpa right behind me. I will never forget the words that came out of his mouth. " Hey MA the little squirt is trying to eat your pumpkins" Grandma started to laugh at the time I saw nothing funny about grandpa stealing my pumpkins. She walked over to him got my candy pumpkins back from him and handed them to me.

She then told all of us that she had pumpkin shaped soaps in the bathroom. Apparently grandpa thought I was going to eat her soaps.

Every year after that when ever the Halloween candy hit the stores Grandpa always bought me my very own stash.

For many years after we would always laugh at this store and still today when we get in our pumpkin candy I have to smile.