Penny Candy

Our online candy store is filled with Old time Penny Candy. Albert's fruit chews, frooties, Smarties, Frooties, Frunas and bubblegum coins.

Many of our customers have asked us what ever happened to Penny stuff. Well it is still around it just isnít a Penny anymore. Remember when you could go to the corner store with a nickel or dime and come back with a bag full of goodies? Well your favorite penny treats are still available.

Here is great selection treats that is perfect for birthday party bags, party favors, wedding and bridal shower favor cups, parade candy or to fill your pinata with.

A few penny favorites are Bazooka Bubblegum, Wax Bottles, Peppermint Sticks,Smarties,Saf T Pop Suckers, Mary Janes, Lemonheads and Jawbreakers. Take a walk down memory lane, the days of your youth, through all our different sections to find your favorite sweet treats.

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Warm Weather Shipping

Warm weather is approaching fast please keep that in mind when selecting your shipping options to warmer climates.

We do offer next day and second day air to help keep your candy from melting. We also recommend adding one or two cold packs per melt able candies. Cold Packs are available for purchase for just $2.00.

The choice will be yours; however we will not be responsible for any items melting.

If You Would Feel More Comfortable Placing Your Order With One Of Our Friendly Staff Members.

Give Us A Call @ 262-652-1314.

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