Willy Wonka Candy

Welcome to our Wonka Candy store. Willy Wonka Candy is one of the most famous candies around and is loved by kids and adults. Many of our wonka treats are the same candy seen in the movies "Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory" and the new version "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory"

Browse through our Willy Wonka section for all your favorite wonka candies. Whether you like fun dip (lik m aid ), pixy sticks, fruit runts, chewy runts, chewy gobstoppers, the everlasting gobstopper or laffy taffy with a silly joke on every wrapper. Let's not forget the most famous Willy Wonka candy of all the wonka bar, it is the same bar from the movie.

Wonka Candy

What an exciting time it was when Willy Wonka Candy first appeared on the scene!

This was a time when anything was possible, because we were kids. Our fantasies could take us anywhere. This was the time of Wonka Candy. We would often find ourselves going to the penny candy store and getting the same old candy as we always had. That was before Willy Wonka. But now, things were different.

He delighted us with his fun and exciting candies. The Wonka Bar was a pioneer in its beginnings. It surprised many of us when we bit into it for the first time, and while we questioned the idea of it being a candy bar, we couldn’t help ourselves but to smile with joy at it’s delicious taste and texture. Many would anxiously unwrap their Wonka Bar looking for their Golden Ticket only to realize that it was just a movie; yet the dreams of taking a journey through this wild and crazy factory of fun kept our imaginations racing .

What could be better than eating flavored sugar! Thank you Mr. Wonka! This is a classic that will live on in our memories. Much like when it was first introduced to us as young kids, many adults today are going back to the tasty flavors of Wonka Pixy Sticks. They were and still are one of a kind.

And the Everlasting Gobstoppers, oh my, what a creation. As a child, you were always sucking on this to what seemed like forever. But yet, you never tired from the everlasting flavor that poured over your tastebuds. You would put this in your mouth and much to your surprise when you were playing with it, it would change colors. How exciting! These were a one of a kind treat that could last for hours and help pass time as you sat in your boring science class.

Another tasty treat Willy Wonka brought us was Laffy Taffy. This is another treat that kept us busy trying to hide it while in school. You could chew on this for hours. Always waiting to get the teacher’s attention, which you did not want. Oh… and the jokes on each of the wrappers. However corny or unfunny the jokes were, people would still laugh.

Wonka has a rich history of great candy creations. We could always count on Willy to help us pass the time or with trying to figure out how he made these delicious treats. The real question here is, “What will he think of next!”

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