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Welcome to Retro Candy Online. Many customers have asked how we got started in the candy business, so we thought we would share our story with everyone.

In 1995 we started out as a Mom and Pop video store with a small line of basic candy. Little by little, we were adding more and more candy. We ran across retro candy and decided to add a line of the old time candy to our store.

To be honest, I added it more for myself than my customers, as it reminded me of the candy I ate as a kid. Seeing all my favorite candies reminded me of my childhood days. As soon as I got my allowance which was usually a quarter or two. I would hop on my bike and head to Ben Franklin. I could be in there for an hour trying to decide just which candy to buy. Some of my all time favorites were wacky wafers, marshmallow cones, peanut butter and banana kits. It seemed I always bought these along with some other treats. I would have a whole white paper bag full.

When our order of candy arrived I could hardly wait till we put it out on the shelf. I had to rip open a box of the marshmallow cones and eat one right away! They were just like I remembered them. When we put the Mary Janeís out I had a huge smile on my face, as those were my dadís favorites. Our kids thought I was nuts after all it was just candy, at the time our boys were 8 and 12 years old.

Well everyone loved the candy not only the adults as it reminded them of their youth. The kids loved it too, as it was all new to them. As word of mouth spread we were selling more and more candy; customers were coming in just to buy candy, not to rent videos. We expanded the candy line with one whole corner of our video store turning into a candy store. We even had an old time ringer washer and filled it full of penny candy, of course many customers thought they were samples, but that was ok.

We heard so many great stories of childhood memories accompanied by smiles and laughter. Before long, customers were asking to buy their favorite candy by the box or case. They wanted to share a piece of the past with family and friends. Before long we were known as the neighborhood candy store.

My kids were still amazed at how something as simple as candy made all these grown ups so happy. We explained to them that right now they are young and canít wait to grow up! As an adult facing everyday pressures of a house, job, kids, and bills, they would do anything for a piece of their past. Back then times seemed so much simpler and happier. Like any kid, they just rolled their eyes and walked away.

Due to the success of the retro candy in 2001, we decided to close the video store and just sell candy. At that time we were selling more candy than renting videos. We thought, "Why not be the whole world's neighborhood candy store.

Not long ago I overheard our sons, who are now 20 and 24 talking about when they were little. They used to hop a bus with grandma and go downtown to Woolworthís Dime Store. They would always get either a soda pop or a milk shake with the metal cups and get to pick out some candy. Continuing their walk down memory lane, our famous camping trip came up where they discovered candy cigarettes. We had to buy every pack the store there had before we came home. Their next journey was to Wisconsin Dells where they bought rock candy suckers, cow tales and wax bottles. The subject then changed to the time they went on a bike ride and our youngest somehow steered his bike into the side of a building. They both laughed and said, "Those were good times."

As they were reminiscing about their favorite childhood memories, I just smiled. They didnít have a clue, but now they know what nostalgia is all about.

We hope that looking through our candy store has brought back some of your favorite childhood memories and have given you a few smiles.


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