Old Time Bubble Gum, Retro Bubble Gum and Nostalgic Chewing Gum

Chewing Old Time Bubble Gum Makes Your Memories Sweet

It is a fact that a smell can take you back to a memory quicker than any of your other senses. When you first unwrap a piece of any old time bubble gum the smell is like an old friend. It welcomes you back home into the arms of sweet memories. Beemans, Black Jack and Clove are now back for a limited time only. Bubble Gum cigars, Chiclets, Freshen Up, Razzles, Hot Dog Gum or C Howards Scented Gum, the list can go on and on and each different brand brings back a myriad of memories and thoughts. Going back down memory lane with old time bubble gum is a very sweet path indeed.

There isn’t one person that can not tie some delicious memories to going and buying some old time bubble gum. As children weren’t you just the “coolest” kid in the neighborhood if you walked around with a pack of Bubble Gum Cigarettes or one of those Bubble Gum cigars. We all thought they made us so grown up. Or maybe you were one of the children who was dared to put 2 pieces of Cry Baby bubble gum in your mouth without spitting it out. Isn’t it nice to go back down memory lane and remember the good time you had as a child?

Wouldn’t it be great to take your own child down memory lane with you? Some of the best old time bubble gum isn’t sold everywhere like it used to be. Today the only place you can find Bubble Gum cigars is at the hospital gift shop and they are sold as novelties for when babies are born. Well it used to be the only place that you could buy old time bubble gum. Now a days there is at least one other place. While this is a wonderful novelty wouldn’t it be grand if you could sit down with your children and just chew these old time bubble gum cigars and see who can blow the biggest bubble?

Another wonderful thing about old time bubble gum is the fact that it was always interesting. Today gum is sold in sticks and is just so plain, there is no excitement in opening the gum. Growing up with old time bubble gum such as the Bubble Gum cigars, Bazooka, or Gold Digger bubble gum we could always incorporate the gum into whatever game we were playing. Then there are the old time bubble gum brands like Cry Babies or Freshen Up, where even though we knew they were sour or filled with that wonderful goo it was always a surprise when you bit into them. There is no bubble gum as good as old time bubble gum.

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