Tiny Chiclets Gum

Tiny Chiclets  Gum
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Sad to say, but the company no longer makes any of the Chiclets gum. Tiny Chiclets gum. Bite size pieces of bubble gum with a fruit flavored candy shell,a smaller version of the fruit Chiclets. Tiny Chiclets are remembered best for coming in a yellow envelope filled with bright colored tiny pieces of bubble gum. Remember opening the envelope and shaking the tiny pieces of bubble gum in your mouth ?

Tiny Chiclets were first introduced in 1962. These are a favorite retro candy of the 50's and 60's, and is still loved today> These are one of the best tasting fruit gums on the market. Not only are they enjoyed by adults but today's youth also enjoys this fruity bubblegum.

20 packages of tiny Chiclets per box.

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