Doscher's French Chew Taffy - Banana Taffy, Chocolate Taffy, Strawberry Taffy and Vanilla Taffy

Doscher's French Chew Taffy
Doscher's French Chew Taffy
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Doscher's french chew taffy is a favorite retro candy. French chew is available in chocolate, vanilla, strawberry and banana taffy. Available in a 24 count box or just a single bar in the flavor or your choice.

French Chew taffy is very similar to Bonomo's Turkish Taffy. If you are missing your faovorite Turkish Taffy give french chew taffy a try, you won't be disappointed.

Doscher's Famous French Chew Taffy History:

In 1865, Claus Doscher came to Cincinnati from Germany to help his uncles who were in the candy business. After Claus learned the candy trade, he ventured out on his own and in 1871 created Doscher's Candies.

Located on 5th Street in downtown Cincinnati, Claus initially was in the sugar and candy wholesale business. After some early success, Claus decided he wanted to make candy. He bought his first piece of equipment; a popcorn machine. After some early runs of making just regular popcorn he decided to add some flavor; caramel. His new Carmel corn (similar to Cracker Jack) was sold at the home of a new sport that was just created; baseball. The very first professional baseball team, The Cincinnati Redstockings sold Claus' new carmel popcorn.

In the late 1890's, Claus discovered a new candy that was being introduced in Europe and becoming very popular in the South of France - Taffy. Claus invested in a new shinny kettle used for cooking and baking and made several batches of taffy. Once he perfected his recipe, he began selling it in big pieces that were broken up once it reached the store. Doscher's taffy was originally sold by the pound.

After much success, Claus went on to produce his taffy in a long bar shape with a wrapper depicting a pleased candy eating kid, licking his lips. He called his new candy bar, The French Chew.

Today, not much has changed with The French Chew. The company is still located in downtown Cincinnati - just blocks away from where it all started and The French Chew is still made the same exact way. We even still use the same shiny copper kettles to mix the French Chew that Claus Doscher first purchased back in the late 1890's. Even the wrapper with the happy boy licking his lips has remained the same.

For the first 100 or so years, French Chew was made in just 3 popular flavors; Vanilla, Chocolate & Strawberry. Recently, Banana has been added as well as seasonal flavors such as Green Apple for Halloween and Peppermint for Christmas.

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