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Malted Milk Tablets - Retro Candy
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DISCONTINUED BY THE MANUFACTURER . Malted milk tablets are an old time retro candy favorite. These sweet treats from the past are know called Malties. Horlicks malted milk tablets come in two flavors natural or chocolate both have a malted taste.

These are a favorite candy from your childhood many do not recall these malted milk tablets until you talk about the old time glass bottle them used to come in. Talk about nostalgia.

At one time these Horlicks Malted Milk Tablets were found in every old fashion candy store, five and dime store and country store, however today they are very hard to find today.

The chocolate tablets are good, but my personal favorite are the natural flavor tablets. I can remember eating these as a kid and enjoy them still very much today.

Each box of Horlicks Malted Milk ( Malties ) Tablets come with 3 enevelopes, each enevelope as 9 tablets for a total of 27 tablets.

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