Kits Taffy Candy

Kits Taffy Candy
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Kits old fashioned taffy squares are an old time retro candy. Each box comes in 4 assorted flavors of Banana, Chocolate, Strawberry and Vanilla. Each package of kits has 3 individually wrapped pieces of taffy.

Kits taffy is somewhat a little harder taffy, not a soft taffy like salt water taffy or french chewy taffy. Although these taffies are a bite size taffy the flavor is full size.

Each box of kits comes in an assortment of taffies, it will be to choose which to eat first.

Kits are a favorite candy from the 50's. You could also count on the corner candy stores having these delicious taffy candies. At that time they were only a nickel a piece. My favorite was also the peanut butter ones, where as most of my friends would go for the chocolate flavors.

These classic kits candies are perfect for any occasion. whether you are just looking for some tasty taffy, a favorite candy you ate as a kid or for party favors. These are a must have candy if planning a 50's party that will make everyone remember when !

Each box comes in a 100 count of assorted flavors , these are prepackaged so quantity of flavors vary.

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