Wonka stretchy and tangy laffy taffy

Wonka stretchy and tangy laffy taffy
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Wonka stretchy and tangy laffy taffy in an assorted box. Wonka is known for their fruity flavors of laffy taffy. Each box of tangy taffy comes in 3 flavors; grape laffy taffy, watermelon laffy taffy and cherry laffy taffy. These are the top 3 selling flavors of wonka's tangy taffy.

Taffy has been a favorite candy choice in over a decade, Wonka laffy taffy is one of the top sellers. Not only is famous for the long lasting fruity flavors but also for the silly jokes on the wrappers.

Laffy taffy is also available in bite size taffies. Whether your favorite flavor is banana, blue raspberry, fruit punch, cherry, grape, strawberry or watermelon willy wonka has created wonderful taffies just for you.

Each assorted box of stretchy and tangy laffy taffy has 24 1.5 oz bars of taffy.

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