Lindt Lindor Truffles

Lindt Lindor Truffles
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Product Description

What Chocolate Lovers doesn't go nuts for Lindor Truffles? Retro Candy Online carries the best,Swiss made Lindt Brand Lindor Truffles.

Legend has it that some of us Truffle freaks don't have sugar plums dancing in our heads, we dream of Lindor Truffles. And why not? This sinful treat occupies our mind and soul at the Holidays. The finest chocolate with the indescribably delicious center leaves us off at never neverland's front door. One taste tells you why one is just not enough! And if this wasn't enough, we have them in White Chocolate also. Buy enough, because they will disappear. My Uncle usually grabs a box for himself and hides it. Merry Christmas and happy truffles to you and yours.

60 smooth centered Swiss Truffles per box. One box won't be enough though will it?

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