Mint Twists - Hard Peppermint Candy

Mint Twists - American Flag Peppermints - Nostalgic Mints
Mint Twists - American Flag Peppermints - Nostalgic Mints
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Product Description

AMERICAN FLAG MINT Twists are individually wrapped red-white-and-blue striped peppermint flavor candy nugget.

These bite-size peppermint hard candies are made with only the finest ingredients including natural peppermint oil. Making the mint twists, start with small batches of natural cane sugar syrup and add real peppermint oil - no artificial flavors here!

These peppermint nuggets have a cool minty refreshing taste and don't leave that sticky feeling in your mouth like some do.

American Flag Peppermint Mints are from the Atkinson Co. developed after the September 11 attacks, part of the proceeds from the product will benefit the American Red.

240 individually wrapped peppermint twist mints per jar.

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