Old Fashioned Christmas Candy

Christmas Candy - Old Time Christmas Candy. Everyone loves old fashioned candy especially at Christmas. We have a great selection of old time candy favorites. Thin Ribbon Candy, Christmas Mix, Filled Hard Candy, Cella's Chocolate Covered Cherries your choice of milk chocolate or dark. All of these are a must have at Christmas. We also have a great selection of candy Stocking Stuffers. Pick from coal candy, candy canes, chocolate santa's, bells and angels.

We also carry fun novelties including Christmas clickers, gingerbread cookies,wonka frosty nerds, jolly rancher holiday pops and santa's coal bubble gum. All these fun treats make great stocking stuffers.

These year when you are looking over your naughty and nice list and just don't know what to buy, how about something retro instead of that same ole box of chocolate covered turtles.

Can't make up your mind which old time favorite to buy , no problem we have great gift baskets full of nostalgic favorites.

It's that time of the year again. Time to start checking your list and checking twice ! Trying to find that special Christmas gift whether someone was  naughty or nice.

Browse through our great selection of Old Fashioned Christmas Candy, Stocking Stuffers and Retro Candy gifts.

We have all your favorite Old Fashioned Christmas Candies. Thin Ribbon Candy, Christmas Mix, hard Filled Candy, Mint Straws, Filled Raspberries and Cut Rock Christmas Candy. All of these are truly an old time favorite. You probably remember eating these when you were a kid and went to your Grandma's house.

We also have a great selection of Stocking Stuffer Idea's. Choose from favorites like Frosty Nerds, Santa's Coal, Christmas Dots, Gobstopper Snowballs,  Gummy Sweet Tarts, Marshmallow Snowmen and Giant Peppermint sticks.

For the chocolate lovers on your list we have some wonderful boxed chocolates. Cella Chocolate Covered Cherries in either milk chocolate or dark. Chocolate Truffles, White Chocolate Truffles, Snickers Nutcrackers, Reese Peanut Butter Trees, Hersey's  Pot of Gold and everyone's favorite Chocolate Ice Cubes.

If you are looking for some individually wrapped chocolates for your candy dish or for making up goody bags for party favors we have everything you need. Chocolate Christmas bells filled with either fudge or soft caramel,  Dark Chocolate wrapped Christmas presents, Double Crisp holiday wrapped discs, Milk Chocolate Santa's and snowmen.  We even have fudge filled Christmas Angels, Caramel filled Santa Claus and chocolate Gingerbread Men.

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