Slo Pokes Caramel Suckers

Slo Pokes Caramel Suckers
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Product Description

Slo pokes are a yummy caramel sucker from the 50's. These Slo Poke mini's are an old time favorite sucker just as you remember them as a kid. Not only are they loved by the baby boomer generation, slo pokes are quickly becoming a favorite candy of todays generation making them a classic candy.

Slo pokes are similar to a sugar daddy sucker, however they are somewhat softer and chewier. We really donít recommend trying to chew them as they may pull out dental work and nobody likes the dentist. IF you are in a hurry and just can't wait to eat your slo poke sucker try popping it in the microwave for a few seconds to make it a bit softer.

If you like slo pokes we also recomment trying the sugar daddy sucker or the b b bats they are all great taffy suckers from the past.

48 Slo Poke Jr. Pops per box.

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