Snickers Christmas Nutcrackers - Discontinue

Snickers Christmas Nutcrackers  - Discontinue
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We are sorry to say, but the snickers nutcrackers have been discontinued, however they just came out with Snickers Trees If you know someone who just loves snickers, give the Christmas trees a try.

Snickers Christmas nutcrackers are a perfect Christmas candy. Foil wrapped Snickers bars in the shape of the World famous Nutcracker Holiday theme.

What a great idea, Snickers goodness mixed with Christmas tradition. Introduce your children to the Christmas of your era with fun and tasty Snickers chocolate, caramel and peanuts like no other candy can do it. Enjoy them during Christmas story or movie time.

These are just one of the many great Christmas candies we have. Whether you are looking for something for a Christmas present, stocking stuffer or yummy goodies to fill you candy dish. We have all you favorite old fashioned traditional Christmas candies and fun novelties.

Each box has 24 1oz. snickers nutcrackers.

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