Squirrel Nut Chews - Nut Zippers Retro Candy

Squirrel Nut Chews - Nut Zippers Retro Candy
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Squirrel nut zippers are also known as nut chews. A great tasting caramel candy from Necco. Nut zippers are a retro candy favorite, a delicious caramel square with bits a peanuts make this old time favorite are to resist.

At one time not to long ago nut zippers were unavailable, we are so glad to have them back as they are a favorite candy of yesterday.

During the 1990’s, a retro swing band named themselves “Squirrel Nut Zippers,” and gave a nut zipper to everyone that attended their concerts.

240 caramel nut zippers per box.

Squirrel Brand Nut Zippers Candy History :

The Squirrel brand origins date back to 1890 when it was started as the Austin T. Merrill Company in Massachusetts. Incorporated in 1899 as the newly named Squirrel Brands Salted Nut Company, the company’s ownership changed; and two long-time employees, Perley G. Gerrish and Fred S. Green, began to run the business. As the company grew, it moved from its Boston located to Cambridge in 1903 and then to a larger building on Boardman Street in Cambridge in 1915.

From salting to roasting peanuts to chewy candy favorites, Squirrel Nut Company developed a loyal and enthusiastic customer base. It supplied candy and roasted nuts to the armed forces. Some of their brands over the years have including Butter Chews, Nut Twins, Nut Chews and Nut Yippee. They also manufactured peanut butter kisses and salt water taffy.

In 1999, Squirrel Brand Company was purchased by Southern Style Nuts and the operation was moved to Denison, TX. The Squirrel Nut Company was one of the oldest family-owned candy businesses when it closed its operations in Cambridge.

In 2004, Necco picked up the license from Southern Nut Company to manufacture Squirrel candy brands

Source: Necco Candy Company.

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