Caramel Apple Pops

Caramel Apple  Pops
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Product Description

Caramel Apple Pops have a sour green apple hard candy covered with a chewy caramel coating. These suckers taste just like a taffy apple, itís hard to believe you are eating candy.

These lollipops first came out in 1995 from the tootsie roll candy company. Since then they have become a big hit not only with the kids but the grown ups also. These suckers are available all year round, so you donít have to wait until fall to have your favorite caramel apple treat you can enjoy them in spring, winter and summer too.

If you have never tried these apple pops now it the time. They are such a unique candy they are hard to explain, they are somewhat like an apple jolly rancher with a delicious caramel coating similar to your favorite old time sugar daddy sucker.

48 Caramel Apple Pops per box.

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