Claeys Old Fashioned Candy Drops

Claeys Old Fashioned Candy Drops
Claeys Company is famous for their old fashioned candy drops also known as sanded candies. Sanded candy is a hard candy drop that is coated with a fine layer of sugar.

These old time favorites are available in many flavors, but are known best for the lemon drops. Lemon drops were always a favorite retro sweet found at any old time store.

Besides Lemon flavored drops there are many other sanded old fashioned favorites including horehound drops, black licorice drops, rootbeer and sassafras drops and anise drops.

The horehound sanded drops are great if you are trying to sooth a sore throat and the licorice drops are perfect for those black licorice lovers. Each bag of Claeys old fashioned drops are 6 oz.

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