Licorice Drops - Black Licorice Flavored

Licorice  Drops
Licorice Drops
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Product Description

Licorice drops are a favorite old fashioned hard candy from Claey's company. They are a small hard black licorice flavored drop coated in sugar also known as being sanded . These licorice drops have an all natural flavoring and they are soothing to your throat helping to relieve dryness.

We have all your favorite Claeys old fashion candy drops, Lemon Drops, Rootbeer Drops, Sour Apple Drops, Anise drops and horehound drops.

For other black licorice flaved sweets don't forget good and plenty, black vines or sen sen breath mints. Each bag of Claey's old fashioned licorice drops are 6 oz.

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