Good and Fruity Candy

Good and Fruity Candy
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Good and Fruity candy is back! Classic fruity candies in 5 assorted fabulous flavors: Lemon, Lime, Cherry, Orange, and Blue Raspberry. Good n Fruity is the fruity version of everyone's old time favorite Good & Plenty licorice candy. Good & Fruity now have a fruit flavored chewy center similar to that of a jelly bean or gummy candy.

Remember the good & Plenty song from the commercial ?

"There are rainbows in the flavor of Good N'Fruity candy.

The berry tastes as good as the 4th of July.

The lemon stole the sun right out of the sky.

Orange 'll make you laugh 'til the sun goes down...

and lime is love and love is green and love is all around.

So take a box open it and you'll see , there's a rainbow in the flavor of Good N Fruity candy."

Each box of good n fruity is 5 ounce movie theater box.

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