Licorice Snaps

Licorice Snaps
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Product Description

The original licorice snaps from the American Licorice Company. Each licorice snap is a black licorice flavored hollow tube with a pastel color candy coating. They come in 4 different colors : green, orange, pink and white each with their own unique taste. These licorice tubes are a favorite candy from the 50's a true retro classic candy.

These are the original classic chewy candies that first came out in the 1930's. Although they were gone from the market for awhile they are back and as good as ever.

Many other companies have tired their hand at making snaps, but none have compared to the originals. This is one of those candies you may not like when you first bite into them, you need to acquire a taste for them. After eating one you will find yourself reaching for more.

Each box is 4.5 oz.

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