Jawbreakers Jaw Busters Candy

Jawbreakers  Jaw Busters Candy
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Product Description

Jawbreakers jaw busters candy by Ferrara Pan Company. Tiny balls of fruit flavor hard candy that change flavors and colors as you eat them Each box comes in an assortment of 5 fruity flavors and are fat free.

These little round balls of candy are so hard to bite they need to be sucked hence the name jaw breakers.

24/.75 oz. boxes.

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Why Jawbreakers Name Changed To Jaw Busters.

Many customers have asked why the name was changed. The name "Jawbreaker" is a generic name used by the candy industry to indicate a piece of hard candy. Prior to when Ferrara Pan began making the product, many people in the industry also developed a so-called "Jaw breaker". Once Ferrara Pan became successful with these hard candies, they began to establish credibility which led to creating a prominent brand within the company. In the past year, the name Jawbreakers has been changed to Jawbusters, The Original Jawbreakers, to add a new twist to the product.