Satellite Wafers Candy Flying Saucers

Satellite Wafers Candy Flying Saucers
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Product Description

Satellite wafers are a disc shape candy wafer filled with little balls. The shape of satellite resembling a UFO and are often known as flying saucer candies.

These are definitely a nostalgic candy from the 50s. When you take a trip down memory lane with family and friends we are sure satellite wafers will come up in your conversation, however many remember this old time favorite as being called flying saucer's. Many customers also refer to these as tasting like communion wafers.

It seems as if there is no middle ground with these little treats. People either crave them or have never be able to muster the courage to try them. The oddity of this candy even to the people who crave them is getting through the outer shell to the sweet treat inside.

Each box of satellite wafers contains 240 flying saucers.

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