Jolly Rancher Fruit Flavored Classics

Jolly Rancher Candy
Jolly Rancher is known best for their flavorful classic candy, whether you like sweet or sour jolly rancher brand candy will not let you down. Available in bite size rocks, jolly rancher hard twists, jolly rancher sticks or jolly rancher suckers. Jolly ranchers are a classic candy favorite. The original flavors of jolly rancher was apple, strawbery, orange, grape. fire and cherry. They have dropped some flavors and added blue raspberry and pink lemonade

One of the best things with jolly ranchers is not only the great taste, but they are long lasting and keeps their flavor.

Jolly Rancher Facts:

Did you know that when the JOLLY RANCHER Company was founded back in 1949, they also made ice cream and chocolate as well as hard candy kisses. As the popularity of hard fruit flavored twists grew, they decided to concentrate on developing their "Famous for Flavor" line and discontinue the ice cream and chocolates. The rest is history!

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