Jolly Rancher Apple Sticks

Jolly Rancher Apple Sticks
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Product Description

Jolly Rancher apple sticks. Each jolly rancher stix is bursting with a great tasting sour apple flavor similar to Granny Smith Apples. A delicious candy stick in a yummy apple flavor. These are one of the top selling flavors of Jolly Ranchers.

These hard candy sticks have been around for many years, you may remember eating these back when you were a kid and would visit your favorite corner candy store. They are still very popular today among adults and kids.

Kids seem to love any candy that has a sour apple flavor. These candy stix seem to last forever. For those of you who enjoy the sour apple taste of Jolly Ranchers, but don't have all day to eat them we also have Apple flavored Jolly Ranchers in a 160 count box. Just open them and pop the hard candy in your mouth and enjoy.

Each box has 36 Apple Sticks.

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