Retro Candy Christmas Gift Box

Retro Candy Christmas Gift Box
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Product Description

Our Christmas gift box is filled with candy retro candy from the 50's and 60's. This is the perfect Christmas gift for anyone on your list.

Each Christmas box has a variety mixed of your favorite candies you used to be able to buy for a penny at the corner candy store.

Each box holds 2 pounds and has approx 123 pieces of old time candy. Some of the candy found in this Christmas Gift Box is :

Black Cow Chew Slo Poke Chews Bonomo Bite Size Taffy Jawbreakers Giant Lemonheads Wax Bottles Bit O Honey Mary Janes Peanut Butter Bars Toffee Chews Caramel Cremes

This is just an example of the great old time candies. These are all the favorite that you not only ate as a kid, but are still enjoyed by kids today.

Design of box may vary.

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