Nostalgic Candy Christmas Gift Basket

Nostalgic Candy Christmas Gift Basket
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Product Description

This nostalgic candy Christmas basket makes a perfect gift for anyone who loves candy. Whether you are looking for a gift for a friend, for a family or a corporate gift this is perfect. With 50 pieces of nostalgic candy everyone will find something sweet to enjoy.

Some of the old time nostalgic candies you will find are This basket is full of retro candy treats like: Satellite Wafers, Charms Sweet And Sour Lollipops ,Taffy Time Fruit Chews, Sugar Daddy Pop (Mini), Jaw Breakers, Candy Buttons ( Also Known As Candy Dots ),Bit O Honey Chews, Sixlets, Candy Bracelet, Mini Tootsie Rolls And Frooties (Flavors Vary).

This gift basket is a crowd pleaser. Style of basket varies due to availability. Due to high demand from time to time we may run out of a certain candy, so instead of delaying your order we will substitute with another nostalgic candy.

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