Smarties Love Hearts

Smarties Love Hearts
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Product Description

Smarties love hearts Valentine Candy. Just like smarties these come in a roll. A tart flavored candy disk with a heart imprinted on them with a message of love. Although these love hearts are not heart shaped, they make a perfect Valentine candy.

Each candy roll comes in a variety of colors; white, pink, green, yellow, orange, purple , however they all pretty much have the same tart flavor.

Let your sweet heart know just how much you love them with these tart candies, who knows they might just pucker up and kiss you for hours.

Smarties candy is known for their tart flavors, they have been around forever.

Love hearts are a favorite sweet treat anytime of the year, however they are only available at Valentine's day, so stock up now before they are gone.

24 rolls of love hearts per box.

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