Sweet Tarts Ducks, Chicks and Bunnies

Sweet Tarts Ducks, Chicks and Bunnies
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Sweet Tarts Ducks, Chicks and Bunnies. Great tasting sweet tarts in the shape of ducks, chicks and bunnies. This is a perfect Easter Candy for filling eggs or adding to your Easter baskets. You get a sweet and tart candy all in one.

These are one of our top selling Easter Candies. Everyone loves Wonka candy. We also carry wonka golden eggs, gummy bunnies, sweet tart jelly beans, hoppin nerds and sweet tart jelly beans.

Check out all our fun Easter treats like pastel candy corn, sour patch jelly beans, gummy bunny teeth, pez candy dispensers, peeps and pastel jr mints. We have everything you need to make your Easter Baskets sweet.

Each bag is 12 oz.

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