Trolli Gummy Bears

Trolli Gummy Bears
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Product Description

Trolli Classic Gummy Bears. Soft and chewy gummy candy in the shape of little bears. Each bag has an assortment of 5 fruity flavors including Cherry, Orange, Lemon, Pineapple and Lime. When you think bears you think big and mean, however these bears are small and sweet.

When it comes to gummy candy it appears that the classic gummy bears are the most popular. Many companies make gummy bears, however Trolli gummy bears are different. Instead of the red bear being a raspberry flavor like most companies it is a yummy delicious cherry flavor. The spelling is even different. Trolli spells it "GUMMY" Bears , however other companies spell it "GUMMI" Bears.

If you enjoy the sweet taste of cherry flavor gummies then Trolli Gummy Bears are for you.

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