Trolli Gummy Candy

Trolli Gummy Candy
Trolli gummy candy is available in a variety of yummy gummies. Choose from Gummy Brains, Cherry Bombers, Classic Gummy Bears, Sour Gummy Octopus or Gummy Rocks. Trolli brand gummies are not only known for their fresh ingredients but also for their unique shapes.

Whether you like soft and chewy classic gummy treats or something a bit sour and tangy Trolli will meet your needs. Choose between the classic gummy bear or gummy worms known as squiggles or the strawberry puffs with a sweet juicy strawberry flavor.

If you enjoy a sour gummy try to sour brite crawlers or sour gummy octopus. However if you are real daring go for the gummy brain surge or sour bombers. Both of these great gummies have a sour liquid center. Which ever type of gummy you prefer Trolli has just what you are looking for.

There are many different candy companies that make gummy candies. Trolli is one of the most popular brands. Trolli brand gummy candy was first manufacturer in Germany in 1981 by Mederer Corporation. In 2002 Farleys & Sather's Candy Company was formed and is one of the top 25 candy makers in the world. In December of 2005 they purchase the Trolli Brand gummy line, the rest is history.

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