Warheads Q BZ Fruit Chews

Warheads Q BZ Fruit Chews
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Product Description

Warheads Q BZ sour fruit chew candy, the newest in the warhead brand line. Little cubes of fruit flavored chewy candy with a sour coating. These are the perfect size to pop just one in your mouth for a sour blast.

Warheads are typically known for their extreme sour candy, however these bite size treats are not quite as sour. They are a cross between a gummy and a jelly candy, however they don't stick to your teeth like many other chewy treats do.

Each bag of Q BZ has 4 sour flavors; Blue Raspberry, Green Apple, Strawberry and Watermelon. Each with a tangy sour coating and a fruity chew center.

Each box has 16 pouches each one is 1.5 oz.

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