Warheads - Mega Warheads Sour Candy

Warheads candy are an extremely sour candy also known as mega warheads. They are available in 5 sour flavors. Buy them in a 240 count tub, a 12 count box or in bite size tubes. Eat them one at a time or if you are brave enough put a hand full in your mouth either way they will make you pucker up.

Warheads Candy History:

Warheads, also known as Mega Warheads, are a brand of sour candy manufactured by Impact Confections. The candy was invented in Taiwan in 1975 and was first imported to the United States by The Foreign Candy Company in 1993. They are currently distributed in the United States by Impact Confections

Warheads derive their strong sour flavor from a combination of malic acid, ascorbic acid, and citric acid. These are applied as a coating to the outside of the small, hard candies. The intense sour flavor fades after about 20 to 50 seconds.

Warheads are marketed to children as an "extreme" candy. The name "Warhead" comes from the notion that the sour taste of the candies is akin to a real warhead going off in one's mouth.

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