Grapehead - Alexander The Grape

Grapehead  - Alexander The Grape
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Product Description

Grapehead by Ferrara Pan a classic candy favorite. Grapeheads are tiny sour grape flavored ball with a sweet taste surrrounded by a sour chewy shell similar to lemonheads.

When you attempt to eat a grapehead it is no big deal, but watch out once you bite into one. You will get an extremely sour blast at that will make you pucker up !!!!

At one time Ferrara Pan called these Alexander the Grape. The name was changed to Grapehead to fit in with their "headline" selection. Alexander the grape and grapeheads are the same classic sour candy, just the name has been changed.

24 - .80 oz of Grapehead - Alexander The Grape Ferrara Pan Classics per box.

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