Broadway Licorice Rolls

Broadway Licorice Rolls
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Everyone's favorite licorice are back. Broadway licorice rolls, these are the replacement to Danish Ribbons or Delfa Rolls.

Please note that these are different than the original Danish ribbons, although the company says that they are the same, there has been some changes made. They are now a softer licorice roll with a different texture and a strawberry taste. Our customers comments are mixed, some love them some don't.

These are a favorite candy from the 60's. These licorice rolls are known for being in one roll, you can break into 4 smaller rolls and unravel to eat. The new danish ribbons are now called Broadway licorice rolls. These are some what different than the original ones. They are softer, the texture seems to be a little different, and they are now available in strawberry and black licorice flavor.

Many years ago these licorice treats were called Broadway licorice. Throughout the years the name has been changed to Danish Ribbons and later Delfa rolls. Now they will be called Broadway Licorice Rolls not only will they be available in Strawberry flavor , but also in Black Licorice flavor.

Each box of Broadway licorice rolls have 24, 2.11 oz rolls.

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