Red Licorice Super Ropes - 1 piece

Red Licorice Super Ropes - 1 piece
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Everyone's favorite super ropes licorice. Each red licorice rope is 34 inches long. Unlike most licorice this is a softer licorice and is solid not hollow like many licorice twists.

Licorice ropes first came out in 1955 by American Licorice Company. It the beginning it was only available in black licorice. Although kid prefer red licorice over black and the licorice ropes were to focus on kids they then came out with the red ropes. They quickly became a big hit.

Not only were this a very popular candy in the late 50's and early 60's that could be found in just about every candy store they continue to be very popular today.

Each rope is 34 inches long and full of flavor from beginning to end.

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